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Bryant's Backstory

“Bryant represents the attitude in the backcountry of the Northeast that quality trumps flashy.”

Co-founder, Nick Payiatis

Looking for a simple moisturizer

Whenever Nick would hike, ski, or camp, the adventure would always end with dry skin. He looked for a moisturizer that was small enough to take on adventures and didn’t contain harsh chemicals for his oily but dry skin.

 Michael, who had been making moisturizers for personal use, gifted Nick a tin of what would later turn into Bryant’s Facial Moisturizer. It worked so well that Nick didn’t have any dry skin the entire winter for the first time in his life. 

The First Winter

That first winter Nick used Michael’s moisturizer, he skied an entire season in the Mad River Valley of Vermont.

When Michael came to visit Nick in Vermont to put some time in on the slopes, they decided it would be best to share the product with the rest of the outdoor community and the world.

Who is Bryant

Bryant is the name of the B&B owner where we first decided to share our moisturizer with the world.

His attitude exemplified the attitude in the backcountry of the Northeast that quality trumps flashy.  Bryant is the hard-working and outdoors-loving individual in all of us.

Get to know us

Meet the Bryant's Team

Bryant’s was founded by Michael and Nick, two avid outdoorsmen and entrepreneurs. They love to shred pow and aim to grow Bryant’s by creating quality products to improve peoples’ lives.

Michael Milam

Co-Founder, Snowboarder

Nick Payiatis

Co-Founder, Skier

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